H2O HOTEL | 京城

H2O HOTEL | 京城

H2O Hotel

Before designing the lighting, we noticed that the hotel stands among commercial and residential buildings. Taking this into consideration, we decided to use a digital energy-saving system and a DMX image controller to control the lighting luminance, while displaying the hotel's latest information and business statistics on the building. We also designed metal illumination boxes to house the light sources and fittings, so as to significantly reduce glare and minimize the impact of the lighting on nearby residences.

The external walls of the hotel feature a special glass with droplet patterns, so we upgraded this existent design to digitally display the latest information and business statistics about the hotel on the external walls. We also calculated the density of the droplet patterns on the glass to increase the refraction rate of light, which, coupled with the real-time information of the hotel, acts to enhance the interaction between the building and the people in the cityscape.

The lighting of the external walls outlines the wavy patterns of the building, thereby making the hotel's "H2O" theme stand out during the nighttime. The external walls are like a digital canvas, drawing people’s attention at all times. Integrated with a digital display system, the external walls show the hotel's real-time information and business statistics, as well as other trend news. To highlight the ocean blue theme, light is refracted by mirror-finished stainless steel and projected through filter glass onto the H2O logo at the entrance. The light refracted by the bubbled crystal bricks brings visitors a fabulous dramatic effect and an awe-inspiring experience. This unprecedented design adds color to life.

The reception counter is illuminated by low color temperature 2400K wall washers from bottom up, creating more visual space and serving as a route indicator. The bubbled glass bricks of the reception counter come with golden lining, radiating a refined and warm atmosphere.
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